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Flow Cytometry Tools

FlowJo Site License

The Flow Cytometry Facility administers the CRI site license for FlowJo analysis software. This results
in a significant discount compared to individual purchase. To participate in this program you must be affiliated with UT Southwestern and be able to provide a valid account number for this license to be billed.

To obtain a serial number for your computer, download and complete this form and email it to, or you can also request it at CRI PPMS.

Please note: You will be billed for a full year license if you request the software. Our billing cycle begins in September of each year. Using the software one time during the cycle constitutes a full year subscription.

The current version of FlowJo for Windows or Mac can be downloaded from FlowJo’s website.

FlowJo Tutorial

The FlowJo website contains a large number of videos and tutorials with demo data. If you need any help to analyze your data please contact us.

Spectral Viewer

Several Flow Cytometry companies have created fluorochrome spectral viewers to facilitate your panel design and have a theoretical prediction of the compensation.

These online tools are designed to aid customer understanding of important principles, dependencies, and relationships involved in selecting fluorochromes for multicolor flow cytometry. Users of this tool should ultimately rely on their own judgment when selecting fluorochromes for multicolor panels and experiments.

Panel Designer

One difficult task that people encounter when they start making multicolor flow cytometry panels is the process of finding antibodies, and determining which fluorochromes to use for our instruments. The CRI Flow Cytometry Facility recommends using Fluorish 2.0 or Fluorofinder to help you in this task.

Setting up a Flourish account:

  1. Go to the Flourish website using this link.
  2. Enter your information and in the institution box, make sure the following appears: “Children’s Research Institute at UT Southwestern.” When done, click the ‘Register’ button.

Setting up a Fluorofinder account:

  1. Go to:
  2. “Create an account” if you want your panel to be saved.
  3. Select the instrument you want to use and follow the instructions.


Cytobank provides a turnkey storage solution for your flow cytometry data. Cytobank allows researchers a new way to manage, search and analyze their FCS files over the web. Their analysis system is designed to incorporate annotations and make it easier to create figures for lab meetings, publications or for sharing.

Cytobank facilitates discussions around flow cytometry across and within groups. Users can share experiment data and details quickly and easily through the web. Their collaborators can start with the result and drill down to the underlying single cell data.

A key challenge in flow cytometry is communicating the results along with sufficient experiment details to allow for additional analysis. In Cytobank, users are providing these details during the course of analysis. Thus, you can start with analyzed/gated data, drill down to the raw data, and export gated or raw data in tab-delimited or fcs formats.