Sequencing Facility


Library QC

The following procedure is highly recommended to obtain an accurate library quantification and quality check:

  1. Take a BioAnalyzer trace of each library to find the average library size
  2. Provide these BioAnalyzer traces for review before sequencing.
  3. Quantify each library using Qubit at least twice.
  4. Dilute each library down to 10 nM using the average concentration from step 3.
  5. Ensure that libraries are at 10 nM using Qubit.
  6. Use the following formula for calculating molarity of your library:
    ((Concentration in ng/uL)/(660g/mol x average base pair of library)) x 10^6 = nM
  7.  Complete the Library QC Form, and email it to Xin Liu or Jian Xu, along with the Sample Drop-off Form.