Privacy Policy

Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern Medical Center (CRI) maintains this Website as a public service. CRI is dedicated to protecting the privacy of visitors to this Website and does not actively share visitors’ personal information. The following statement applies only to members of the general public and is intended to address concerns about the types of information gathered from visitors to this Website and how that information is used.

Collected Information

CRI gathers information through this Website in several ways:

1. Server logs

Our servers collect information from this site through Web traffic logs that are used for optimizing and troubleshooting our servers. These logs may contain the following information:

  • host name (or Internet Protocol (IP) address) of the computer accessing the site
  • a listing of Web pages requested per IP address
  • the type of Web browser used (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)
  • the date and time in which resources were requested
  • any unique Identifiers assigned by the site or site administrator (user name or e-mail address)

2. Cookies

Cookies are data stored on the visitor’s computer by the Web browser. This storage eliminates the need for users to continue to change preferences for viewing certain aspects of this Website. Cookies are also used to store authentication information on the visitor’s computer. This allows users to authenticate to this Website at the beginning of the session and then continue to surf until the browser is closed without continually re-authenticating each time a new Web page is requested. CRI servers do not store personally identifiable information in cookies from this Website intended for use by the general public. Any information stored in cookies by CRI servers is used for internal purposes only and CRI will not disclose information stored in cookies, unless legally required to do so.

3. Online surveys

Occasionally, visitors to this Website may be asked to participate in an online survey to assess things like customer service, ease of navigation or site user satisfaction. Participation in any online survey on this Website is completely voluntary. CRI will not disclose personally identifiable information collected as part of an online survey on this Website, unless legally required to do so.

Security and Data Integrity

CRI strives to create a safe and secure environment for information collected by this Website by employing a diverse arrangement of security implementations to protect the privacy and accuracy of the data collected from visitors. All Web pages on this site that collect personal information will use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure information is securely stored and transmitted.

Third-Party Content and External Links

CRI may post links to external sites or use content served from external third parties on this Website. These links and third-party content are posted as a convenience to our Website visitors. These external sites are not controlled or monitored by CRI and are not subject to CRI’s privacy policies and procedures. CRI is not responsible for the content or for the privacy policies and procedures of any external entity linked to this Website. For more information regarding links to external third party Websites, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for this Website.