The Moody Foundation Flow Cytometry Facility



The Moody Foundation Flow Cytometry Facility at CRI is open to all scientists of the Children’s Research Institute and UT Southwestern Medical Center who have completed the facility training course for the instrument they wish to operate. Individuals are not allowed to operate the instrument without being properly trained by one of the Flow Facility staff members.

Successful use of flow cytometry technology requires mastery of sample preparation, instrumentation
and analysis software. Flow cytometers are relative measurement devices. Everything is dependent upon proper set up and use of the instrument. Misuse of the instrument will inadvertently lead to mistakes in data acquisition and/or analysis that will result in incorrect, misleading, or unreliable/irreproducible results. Proper training in the use of flow cytometry will help you avoid these problems.

The Facility is open to qualified self-operators 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


The course, offered by the Flow Facility staff to operate the FACSCanto RUO, consists of two sessions.
The first session will be a theoretical class to familiarize you with Flow Cytometry. The second one will be spent on the instrument itself where we discuss general laboratory procedures and how to QC, operate, and clean the instrument.


Multi-laser analysis and cell sorting require experience with a digital analyzer running FACSDiva (i.e., FACSCanto RUO). A complimentary training session will be offered by the Flow Facility staff. The training for operation of the FACSAria II SORP is composed of 4 different modules.