To invest in basic research is to invest in the future. Research discoveries in the CRI chart new pathways for understanding and treating disease and help to transform medical outcomes for all patients.

Why Give?

Ever since Hippocrates first investigated the causes of sickness, an understanding of basic science has been humankind’s only hope to halt disease. However, discoveries that lead to medical breakthroughs do not come easily. Hard work, determination and sustained resources are necessary to bring scientific findings from the bench to the bedside and yield new strategies for treating disease.

To invest in research is to invest in the future. Research discoveries in the CRI chart new pathways for understanding and treating disease, helping to transform medical outcomes for all patients.

How to Donate

If you are interested in helping CRI build, please consider making an online donation through Children’s Medical Center or UT Southwestern Medical Center. You can also contact dedicated and experienced professionals at the Children’s Medical Center Foundation or UT Southwestern Office of Development who can assist you directly.

Children’s Medical Center Foundation
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UT Southwestern Medical Center
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The Effect of Giving

CRI has leveraged philanthropy and endowments to help recruit world-class scientists and to provide stable funding for research that has already yielded transformative effects in the way we think about treating disease.

Explore some of the major breakthroughs CRI has made in the field of biomedical research, and see how you can help advance research at the intersection of regenerative medicine, cancer biology and metabolism.


Meet Our Donors

Curing someone who otherwise would not be cured – the driving mission behind CRI – would not be possible without the generosity of our donors. Learn more about our charitable donors and the Scripps Society.

The Scripps Society

The Scripps Society recognizes friends of CRI who have made contributions of $1 million or more. The society is named in honor of Debbie and Ric Scripps, who have embodied the Children’s Medical Center mission — “To make life better for children” — through philanthropy, board leadership and volunteering for more than 30 years.

Members of the Scripps Society

Debbie and Ric Scripps
Patricia and Jerome T. Abbott
Emy Lou and Jerald Baldridge
Kathryne and Gene Bishop
Constantin Foundation
Dean Foods Foundation
Ute and Rolf Haberecht
Hamon Charitable Foundation
Hoblitzelle Foundation
The Moody Foundation
The Pogue Family Foundation
Pollock Foundation
W.W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation
ST Harris Family
Kelly and David Pfeil
Once Upon a Time…
The Josephine Hughes Sterling Foundation
6000 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75235