Research Empowers Life-Saving Care 

Investment in research is an investment in the future. The groundbreaking discoveries by CRI researchers address fundamental scientific questions related to the biological basis of disease, and reveal new strategies for diagnosing and treating disease.

Why Give?

Research makes life better for children. CRI’s passionate team of scientists and physicians dedicate each day to making discoveries. And the impact of their research goes beyond advancing our knowledge of disease and the human body—it impacts patient care.

To invest in CRI is to empower the full potential of Children’s Health and UT Southwestern: two cutting-edge research institutions leading scientists and physicians to make breakthroughs together.

How to Donate

If you are interested in supporting CRI research, consider making an online donation through Children’s Health or UT Southwestern Medical Center. You also can contact the Children’s Medical Center Foundation or the UT Southwestern Office of Development, who can assist you directly.

Donate through Children’s Health

Call: 214-456-8360

Donate through UT Southwestern Medical Center

Call: 214-648-2344

The Impact of Giving

Most of the research in CRI is funded through extramural grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and other national medical research organizations. However, some exciting ideas are too new or too risky to fund through traditional grant mechanisms. In those cases, philanthropy can accelerate the ability of CRI scientists to explore potentially transformative new ideas. The generous investments of CRI donors have allowed CRI to recruit world-class scientists and to make high-impact discoveries.

Explore some of the breakthroughs CRI has made in biomedical research and see how you can help advance research at the intersection of stem cells, cancer, and metabolism.

Our Donors

The continued growth and success of CRI depends on our ability to recruit and retain exceptional faculty and outstanding trainees, to maintain top-quality research facilities, and to support new avenues for research. Generous investments by our donors allow CRI scientists to address fundamental problems in novel ways.

The Scripps Society

The Scripps Society recognizes friends who have invested $1 million or more in CRI. The society is named in honor of Debbie and Ric Scripps, who have embodied the mission of Children’s Health—“To make life better for children”—through philanthropy, board leadership, and volunteerism for more than 30 years.

Scripps Society Members


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