Prashant Mishra Laboratory

Prashant Mishra, M.D. P.hd.

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Assistant Professor of the Green Center for Systems Biology

Curriculum Vitae

Mitochondrial diseases are estimated to affect approximately 1 in every 5,000 newborns, making them one of the most common genetic diseases. The resulting phenotypes vary greatly, ranging from early fatality to progressive, adult-onset symptoms. These characteristics have made diagnosis and prognosis very difficult, and currently we have no effective treatments for this class of diseases.

Our lab’s goal is to expand our understanding of mitochondrial behavior, within the context of the whole cell and organism. Mitochondria are considered metabolic “hotspots”, and are well-integrated into a large number of biochemical pathways. Thus, mitochondrial dysfunction often has far reaching effects, beyond what might be predicted from first principles. We aim to map out how this organelle is embedded into normal cellular function. In doing so, we expect to identify new insights into mitochondrial diseases, allowing us to develop clinical tools and therapeutic options.