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Dr. Jian Xu receives $100K grant from Leukemia Texas to study AML

Dr. Jian Xu, Assistant Professor at CRI and UT Southwestern, and Dr. Kathryn Dickerson, Assistant Instructor in Pediatrics at UT Southwestern, have been awarded a $100K grant from Leukemia Texas to study acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which accounts for 90% of all acute leukemias in adults and 15-20% of those in children.

Drs. Xu and Dickerson will use the grant to develop a “first-in-kind” approach, using experimental and computational technologies to comprehensively identify pathogenic genetic abnormalities as new drivers of AML development. This study will help translate findings from cancer genetic studies to mechanism-based therapies for blood cancers, which can be easily extended to other types of human cancers.

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