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D CEO Magazine: Dr. Sean Morrison and CRI are trying to cure cancer

When the cures come out of Dr. Sean J. Morrison’s lab—and he’s certain they will—almost no one will remember when the place used to be just a couple of empty concrete boxes. 

The floors were bare. The walls were unfinished. There were no centrifuges, no dissection microscopes, no imaging flow cytometers. 

But in 2011, when Morrison, as the newly minted founding director of the brand-new Children’s Medical Center Research Institute, first walked into those empty concrete boxes on the top two floors of a building at UT Southwestern in Dallas, he already knew how they would look when they were filled in. He could envision what the equipment would be and where it would go. He could picture the team of top-flight scientists working there. And he could see the treatments they’d create. Treatments that would help sick kids. Treatments that might cure rare diseases. Treatments that even held the promise of curing cancer. 

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