Moody Foundation Flow Cytometry


The Moody Foundation Flow Cytometry Facility is open to all scientists at CRI, UT Southwestern and other interested institutions.

For untrained users, our staff is available to operate instrumentation Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Facility training courses are available for those interested in being self-operators through flow facility staff members. Training includes mastery of sample preparation, instrumentation and analysis software. Flow cytometers are relative measurement devices, and, therefore, outcomes depend on proper setup and use.

For qualified self-operators, the Facility is open 24/7.

To schedule time with our instruments, please visit CRI PPMS.


Training needs to be requested on CRI PPMS system and will be done on the first come first serve basis.

The training on the instrument is recommended if you will be using the technology for once a week for at least 6 month. Training is 3 sessions for analyzers and 6 sessions for sorters. Each session is 2½ hours 1:1 on the machine.

Before your scheduled training time on the machine, you will required to complete all sections of the WORK-FLOW “Flow Cytometry Essentials” eLearning (< 2h). Information on “How to access this eLearning” will be sent to you via email after you have requested the training.

Cost of the training is $75 + time on the instrument with assistance.