Sample Prep and Submission

For access to the sequencing service, please log in to the PPMS online ordering system to submit your service request.

Prepare Sequencing Libraries

We suggest you pool the bar-coded samples if you are using multiplexed libraries.

For help with this, please see the workflow below:

  1. Prepare samples (RNA, ChIP DNA, genomic DNA, etc.)
  2. Choose a library preparation kit
  3. Prepare the library
  4. Complete library QC
  5. Library pooling (if using a multiplexed library)

Choose a library preparation kit. You can obtain library prep kits from several vendors (such as Illumina and NEB). Once you have decided which kit to use for library prep, please follow the protocol provided by the manufacturer. Pay attention to the minimum amount of DNA or RNA required for each kit and whether the provided indexing (or bar-coded adaptor) system is compatible with Illumina sequencing technology.

Check the Quality of Samples

Proper sample quantification is extremely important. Please follow the NGS Library Dilution and QC Analysis protocol for this important step. Please fill out the Library QC Form provided in the PPMS document section (or on the ordering page) and submit it through PPMS.

Provide a Pooled Library for Submission

We recommend providing 20 µl of the pooled library at 10 nM. The minimum amount is 20 µl at 4 nM.

Send the pooled library to Yoon Jung Kim or Sihan Wu in room NL12.110C. Please make sure that your library preparation method is compatible with Illumina sequencing primers. We will sequence your samples with the type and the number of flow cells you specify in the PPMS order. You can find our flow cell selection guide here.