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Lysosomes, once considered mere cellular waste disposal units, have since emerged as multifaceted organelles and pivotal hubs for cellular metabolism and signaling. These organelles impact several key aspects of disease development and progression, from autophagy and communication with other organelles to the rewiring of metabolic pathways. Defective lysosomal function is a primary factor in over 50 neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative childhood diseases and has been recently recognized to be a major driver in the pathogenesis of adult and late-age onset diseases, including Alzheimer, frontotemporal dementia, and various types of cancer.

Our laboratory’s focus is to understand the intrinsic roles of lysosomes and their regulatory functions in cellular and organismal homeostasis, with the ultimate goal of identifying novel therapeutic targets for a wide range of disease conditions.

Hijai Regina Shin grew up in France before moving to South Korea to obtain her bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. at Seoul National University, School of Biological Sciences. During her Ph.D.,…
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Shin, H.R., Citron, Y.R., Wang, L., Tribouillard, L., Goul, C.S., Stipp, R., Sugasawa, Y., Jain, A., Samson, N., Lim, C-Y., Davis, O.B., Castaneda-Carpio, D., Qian, M., Nomura, D.K., Perera, R.P., Park, E., Covey, D.F., Laplante, M., Evers, A.S., and R. Zoncu. (2022). Lysosomal GPCR-like Protein LYCHOS Signals Cholesterol Sufficiency to mTORC1. Science 377 ,1290-1298. (PubMed)

Gupta, S., Yano, J., Mercier, V., Htwe, H.H., Shin, H.R., Rademaker, G., Cakir, Z., Ituarte, T., Wen, K.W., Kim, G.E., Zoncu, R., Roux, A., Dawson, D.W., and R.M. Perera. (2021). Lysosomal retargeting of Myoferlin mitigates membrane stress to enable pancreatic cancer growth. Nature Cell Biology 23, 232-242. (PubMed)

Davis, O.B., Shin, H.R., Lim, C-Y., Yu, E.Y., Kukurugya, M., Maher, C.F., Perera, R.M., Ordonez, M.P., and R. Zoncu. (2021). NPC1-mTORC1 signaling Couples Cholesterol Sensing to Organelle Homeostasis and is a Targetable Pathway in Niemann-Pick type C. Developmental Cell 56, 260-276. (PubMed)

Yu, Y.S.,# Shin, H.R.,# Kim D.,# Baek, S.A., Choi, S.A., Ahn, H., Shamim, A., Kim, J., Kim, I.S., Kim, K.K., Won, K.J., and S.H. Baek. (2020). Pontin Arginine Methylation by CARM1 Is Crucial for Epigenetic Regulation of Autophagy. Nature Communications 11, 6297. (PubMed)

Shin H.R., and R. Zoncu. (2020). The Lysosome at the Intersection of Cellular Growth and Destruction. Developmental Cell 54, 226-238. (PubMed)

Lim, C.Y., Davis, O.B., Shin, H.R., Zhang, J., Berdan, C.A., Jiang, X., Counihan, J.L., Ory, D.S., Nomura, D.K., and R. Zoncu. (2019). ER-lysosome contacts enable cholesterol sensing by mTORC1 and drive aberrant growth signalling in Niemann-Pick type C. Nature Cell Biology 21, 1206–1218. (PubMed)

Chung, Y.S.C.,# Shin, H.R.,# Berdan, C.A., Ford, B., Ward, C.C., Olzmann, J.A., Zoncu, R., and D.K. Nomura. (2019). Covalent targeting of the vacuolar H+-ATPase activates autophagy via mTORC1 inhibition. Nature Chemical Biology 15, 776-785. (PubMed)

Shin, H.R.,# Kim, H.K.,# Oh, S.R., Lee, J.G., Kee, M.J., Ko, H.J., Kweon, M.N., Won, K.J., and S.H. Baek. (2016). AMPK-Skp2-CARM1 Signalling Cascade in Transcriptional Regulation of Autophagy. Nature 534, 553-557. (PubMed)

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